Saturday, October 31, 2009

T-Shirt Muslimah BrotherhoodArts

Catalogue Version 2009

Knee length t-shirt, tailor made for Muslimah to cover her 'aurah'.
Specially designed for both casual and sporty with cheerful and colourful designs while still maintaining your identity as a muslimah.

-Quality Guaranteed
-Design with Messages


MTF02 - Colour :Purple/Light Purple      Price :RM34.00
MTF01 - Colour :Maroon/Orange            Price :RM34.00

MTF04 - Colour :Brown/Light Brown    Price :RM36.00
MTF03 - Colour :Black/Blue                   Price :RM36.00

MTF06 - Colour :Dark Green/Green      Price :RM36.00
MTF05 - Colour : Black/Pink                 Price :RM36.00

MTF08 - Colour :Maroon/Pink                        Price :RM38.00
MTF07 - Colour :Blue/Light Blue                   Price :RM36.00

MTF10 - Colour :Pink/Blue                        Price :RM38.00
MTF09 - Colour :Light Brown/Brown        Price :RM38.00

MTF12 - Colour :Green/Light Green                Price :RM38.00
MTF11 - Colour : Yellow/Brown                     Price :RM38.00

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